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Created on 25/9/2008

Some say I am a prophet of doom because I make sweeping statements about what I project for our future. Sadly I have to continue in this manner. I was right about the collapse in banking and property prices and the consequences for the economy and I believe I am right about the huge danger Iran poses with its nuclear development program.

Twenty-seven years ago, the world’s media condemned Israel for attacking and destroying an Iraqi nuclear reactor. Years later, many of the same journalists who had condemned Israel admitted that they had been wrong, and that the Israeli attack had been justified, was in fact, essential.

Now, Iranian President Ahmadinejad has threatened to wipe Israel "off the map." The fact that the Iranian nuclear program is advancing rapidly necessitates that we take this threat very seriously. At the United Nations on Wednesday, Israel’s President, Shimon Peres correctly called Iran a central obstacle to peace in the Middle East.

Peres called Iran a center of fanaticism, which supports the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah, thus preventing the establishment of a Palestinian state. He went on to state that Iran was still developing a nuclear capacity.

“Tehran combines long-range missiles and short-range minds,” Peres said. “It is pregnant with tragedies. The General Assembly and the Security Council bear responsibility to prevent agonies before they take place.”

Peres' speech followed one day after that by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, speaking from the same podium, called Zionists “murderers” who manipulate global finance and politics to serve their “acquisitive” interests.

In case there is any doubt I want to make it clear that I am stating for the record that this is a thinly disguised anti Semitic attack linking the Jewish people with the global financial meltdown. Not since the Nazi party and their blood libels has their been a better spokesman for pure hatred of the Jews than this disastrous leader of the once noble country of Iran.

I watched the Iranian leader smile as he addressed the distinguished forum whilst most countries gave him a respectful audience. Until you listen to what he is saying it is easy to get lulled into a sense of unreality, in which his apologists say he doesn’t really mean the more extreme of his utterances. The facts don’t bear that argument out. He means precisely what he says.

It is a disgrace to Iran and to the human race that this person is allowed to address an international forum dedicated to peace and truth and make such slanderous attacks with impunity. People initially laughed at Hitler and ignored what he said and wrote. It was one of history’s great mistakes. Let us not repeat that tragedy, we must heed the Iranian leaders’ words very carefully because he means them and as a consequence the world must act against him before he causes the greatest catastrophe of all.

Peres went on to urge neighbour Syria to engage in face-to-face peace talks following the example set by Egypt and Jordan, both of which have concluded peace agreements with Israel. He went on to predict that peace with the Palestinians would be achieved within the coming year.

Concluding his remarks, Peres donned a kipah and recited a prayer for peace in Hebrew and English.

While diplomatic efforts, and some prayers, continue to try and stop the Iranian nuclear program, Israel has repeatedly stated that all options for stopping Iran are on the table, and this includes military force.

It would be refreshing to believe that the media learnt from their mistakes in 1981 when they misjudged the Iraqi nuclear threat to Israel and what the response should have been. Many journalists and opinion makers appear to have forgotten that lesson and are stupidly shaping public opinion by condemning any possible Israeli strike on Iran.
Israel and the other democracies have a duty to ignore these fools and put a stop to this threat from Iran, which is real and moving closer every day.

I’m sorry to upset those of you who think the world’s present financial difficulties are our biggest problem, because that is a huge, frightening issue, but it is dwarfed by the danger posed by Iran. If the World does not act Israel will have to do so in self-defence.

Unless he is stopped, Ahmadinejad plans to wipe Israel off the face of the world’s maps and to kill every Jewish man, woman and child in that country as soon as he is able. We must not remain silent; to be silent makes us all accomplices of a man aiming to lead a new holocaust.

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