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The havana chronicles

New film pages have been added to tdklinger about an upcoming series of projects -

The Havana Chronicles

Hot, steamy, innocence blown away by intense sudden and unexpected, extreme violence. A beautiful girl seeks to destroy her family and everyone around her.

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Joe Sultana Joins Give-Get-Go!

Give-Get-Go, the media organisation headed up by filmmaker Tony Klinger today announced the appointment of Joseph (Joe) Sultana as its Chief Operations Officer with immediate effect.

"Joe comes to GGG with his tremendous enthusiasm, energy and knowledge of what it's like to get things done as an engineer and in the school of hard knocks of an entertainment entrepreneur. That's the kind of man we want, methodical but prepared to take on all challenges and keep going, and besides which he's a great guy."

Joseph will be responsible for Operations across all aspects of GGG including Films, Documentaries, Coaching, Education and Audio.

To quote Joe, "I jumped at the chance to join Tony and the Give-Get-Go family to deliver top quality entertainment, training and educational services. It's a young company but it's built on the Klinger family's history in the film and entertainment industry going back to the 1950's. The past was great but the future for GGG is even better and more exciting."

Sultana, whose own original story Reaper's Shadow became a script written by Klinger that GGG then produced as an audio production now ready for release and will be followed by sequels, novels and an e-game and a feature film. The pair came together when the Romford Film Festival organised by Joseph Sultana awarded Klinger with their Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Dirty, Sexy & Totally Iconic

Last week, on Friday the 25th, in Northampton, Tony along with his partners at AR Media filmed a segment for the upcoming Get Carter 50th Celebration film 

'Dirty Sexy & Totally Iconic'

More details to follow, watch this space for more information!


The Ted Lewis Centre Opening



I asked Monty to deliver this brief speech to you on behalf of myself and the Klinger family. As most of you know we have a real connection with Ted Lewis, his book, originally known as Jack’s Return Home and what became the iconic cult film Get Carter. My father, Michael Klinger, discovered the book, then he produced that wonderful film with your Honorary Lifetime Member, my friend, Mike Hodges directing.

I thank my dad for finding that book, and I thank Ted for writing it. Despite all the other films Mike or my dad or me have made this is the one that sticks in everyone’s mind and heart. It resonates because it captured our mood, a period in time, our passions and above all how we think and feel. That all originated with the pen of Ted Lewis. Without Ted the film would not have existed and a whole genre of British films would never have existed. Without Get Carter there would not have been a Long Good Friday or a Lock Stock and a thousand lesser films. Yes, it was really that seminal and important to our culture.


       Mike Hodges

Whatever other gifts or problems Ted enjoyed or suffered this story, above all others we have created, has travelled down the ages. It is half a century since that film was made but everyone who saw it remembers it, and what it means to them. I know this for a fact because I am currently making a film about this film and it’s difficult to believe the tidal wave of interest in this story even though it took place fifty years ago.

When you see my film next year you will reach your own conclusions why this should be the case but I think that every so often we can get lucky. I well remember and own up to getting this all wrong originally. Don’t misunderstand me, we instantly wanted to make this film from the moment the galley proof of the book found its way into our hands before it was published.


For some reason I thought the title ‘Get Carter’ was terrible, and I also stated that Michael Caine would be too soft to play such a hard man as Jack Carter. Boy, was I wrong on both counts? I also wanted to shoot the original in New Jersey, with Steve McQueen, not Michael Caine starring. What was I thinking? My excuse is that I was young and foolish. Now I’m old, but still foolish, but savvy enough to keep my mouth firmly shut.

One day I will publicly share how I found the location for the gangster’s flat in London and what I was really doing for a week or two in Newcastle while the filming of Get Carter was undertaken. I was supposed to be in Glasgow filming my own documentary Extremes, but we were having way too much fun in the Toon. Suffice it to say it all involved the lovely young women of the North East but beyond that fact my lips are tightly sealed. I already admitted I was young and foolish.

For today I wished, as your proud Patron, to share my fraternal greetings, and to apologize for not being able to attend, but it is for the best of reasons as I am filming in Northampton.

I look forward to the day when I will be able to attend and discover the magic of the facility your hard work and persistence has created that we can now all share and enjoy.

I also hope to include your participation in our documentary when we film the next sections about the making of Get Carter in a couple of months. In the meantime, I wish the Ted Lewis Centre every success and heartily applaud all of you who made this possible. Well done and congratulations, you should be very proud and on behalf of everyone I thank you.


1st September 2020


The Ted Lewis Centre

An Update from Tony Klinger

I am proud to share the news that I have been appointed the first Patron for The Ted Lewis Centre, an Archive and Standing Exhibition opening the 1st September in Barton upon Humber.

There will be an informal opening ceremony at 12:30 on 1st September, but in order to comply with Government Covid Rules the organisation are obliged to limit that brief ceremony to members of the Ted Lewis Group, the Ted Lewis Centre and those immediately engaged in the establishment of the Centre.

Going forward, the Centre will be open 10:00 to 16:00 on Heritage Open Days, 12th, 13th and 19th September 2020 and thereafter every Sunday and Bank Holiday save for Christmas and New Year. Additional days will be advertised and individual study or group visits are available to book.


Press Release


Give-Get-Go Audio Launches

“The time to launch new ventures is when everyone else is retreating” said Give-Get-Go founder and CEO Tony Klinger, “This is a pretty simple concept I developed to help create work and opportunities for the creative community both locally in Northampton and nationally.”


Give-Get-Go has created a team of actors called THE GIVE-GET-GO Players who will participate in producing a series of full radio dramas based on film scripts which the company either own or are involved with and have in various stages of development.


Give-Get-Go along with its production associates at AR Media (the studio) together record the audio dramas at their facilities.


“So far we have produced “Reaper's Shadow” which Joe Sultana and I wrote and which I directed.” 


Later this month Give-Get-Go are recording “Sweet Dreams” with writer Sen Monro and his Company, Gripping Yarns, again directed and produced by Klinger.. “Next month we start production of 3 more co-op projects, The Havana Chronicles. We estimate that these will take us through September to the end of 2020.”Klinger and GiveGetGo intend to keep producing and already have enough material to keep going for the next two years.


The long term goal is to seek markets for these productions which will be marketed and promoted through all the many links GGG already enjoys especially Jeeni, a new platform coming on stream presently and as podcasts. There is also the possibility of these productions finding an even larger audience via mainstream radio dramas.  Klinger added, "We do have international distribution and sales links to enable these activities but as a worst case scenario we will be able to deliver a first class audio demonstration of all our participants' talent".


During these dark and uncertain days for the creative community it’s encouraging to see an ambitious and courageous British media production company creating great new content.


For further information contact



On Thursday 18th June 2020 Steve Harris of Starlight Broadcasting Interviewed Producer / Director and author Tony Klinger the son of UK Film Director Michael Klinger, but the Interview lasted longer than expected so It had to be split Into two parts.

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How To Make A Living From Your Creativity

New Announcement From Tony Klinger


“Next week I will launch some film and creative industry hints and tips leading to a full series on in the summer.

Basically the theme is ‘how do you make a living from your creativity’ as I take it we are all creative geniuses in this room.

This series of videos will not be how to point your camera or operate your computer this is about how do you get money for doing so because being able to pay for eating, your car and the rent helps you be more creative.

I shall try some pre-recorded sample tasters and then we might go to live and interactive. What do you prefer, pre-recorded or live?

I should add that these "hints and tips" will be


Watch This Space For Future Updates.

Stories From The Front Line

Tony participated in an interesting Facebook challenge among his friends and followers recently.

The challenge was to create a list of 10 unbelievable people, nine of which you have actually met, including one trick, and then have your audience guess which!

Tony had a great time telling his followers amazing stories in which he encountered the likes of legends such as Orson Welles, Mickey Rooney, Twiggy, Elmer Bernstein and more!

Watch this space as well as the new page in the 'Catalogue' drop down menu at the top of this page, we will be posting all of these stories in the coming days one by one starting with the iconic Orson Welles!

Making A Living From Your Creativity

Tony wasn't the only one who had a great time at his talk 'Making a Living From Your Writing' on the 26th last week!

Many audience members have responded with Great Enthusiasm and Humor to our Survey about the recent talk, here's what they had to say...

"Tony Klinger it was a great evening - a masterclass in communicating gems of business wisdom within a hugely entertaining talk.."

“The only reason I didn’t give you full marks all round was to avoid you having difficulty getting through the door with such a swollen head.”

"Wow !

Wow!  Wow! Wow !

That wasn't what I expected.

I was prepared for some rabble-rousing exhortations to get out there and sell, sell, sell!

Instead I got this gently spoken guy taking us on a journey to places I at least hadn't seriously considered before

I came for the demagogue, but I got the pedagogue, for which I'm grateful.."