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Learn About My Work

As both a producer and a writer I have had a diverse background of work in many formats,

Here you can learn about past, present and upcoming projects.

For most of my professional life, I never attended premiere presentations or film industry parties. I was not good at faking sincerity! Maybe this is also the result of being the son of a famous father who dominated a room with his hearty humour and story-telling. But time has passed and I, too, now deliver talks and lectures all over the world.


I endeavour to share my films, books, and plays with as many people as I can reach. This ‘late flowering’ stemmed from my years as a university academic when the enthusiasm and passion of my students planted a seed in me. I am busier than ever with new books, plays, and several films being created.  I am also hugely proud to be the founder and Chief Executive of Give-Get-Go (or GGG!); a new project providing film-making opportunities for everyone.

Tony Klinge Full Profle
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