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The Sod's Law Podcast
with Daniel M. Rosenberg

It’s Tony Klinger week on the Sod’s Law Podcast, and we’re talking filmmaking, storytelling & much, much more!

Movie Date

Ushering in the 3rd month of 2021,

Tony was interviewed by Donna Lefont of 'Food Film Music' to discuss life, film, & leaving a mark on the world.


The Right Buzz

Tony meets Wayne Clark & Nicole Glozier to discuss his exceptionally successful creative career and what he's currently up to.



On Thursday 18th June 2020 Steve Harris of Starlight Broadcasting Interviewed Producer / Director and author Tony Klinger the son of UK Film Director Michael Klinger, but the Interview lasted longer than expected so It had to be split Into two parts.


Tony continues his interview streak appearing on Men's & Women's Radio Station's The Russ Kane Show.

Use the SoundCloud Player below to listen.



Tony appeared on Danny Kelly's show to discuss the recent passing of one of Hollywood's Golden Age Legends

Kirk Douglas.

They discuss Kirk's roots, his family, legacy and more!

BBC Radio Birmingham Part 1Danny Kelly
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BBC Radio Birmingham Part 2Danny Kelly
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Southeast Media Productions

Join host Jodi Hockinson as she welcomes Tony Klinger, author of Under God’s Table. Tony Klinger is a writer & filmmaker. In June he received Romford’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” which joins his many other awards. He writes novels, film scripts and plays. His novel, Under God’s Table, and his book, The Who and I, about making his film, The Kids are Alright, are now on sale.

The second edition of another of his novels, The Butterfly Boy, is expected to be available before Christmas. Tony’s latest film production, a feature documentary, titled The Man Who Got Carter, premiered in 2018. In a career that spans being an academic, business leader, film-maker and writer Klinger simply calls himself a storyteller.

Listen Here or Watch via YouTube!

Tony-Klinger.mp3Southeast Media Podcasts
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The Look Back Machine Podcast

In full festive Halloween spirit, the good folks at the Look Back Machine Podcast Interviewed Tony about his experience with the Legendary Vincent Price on The Butterfly Ball (1977). Vincent’s performance as the narrator motivated Tony through the cursed production.

Tony Klinger and Vincent Price Full.mp3Artist Name
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Romford Film Festival Q&A

20 min   |   English   |  Tony Klinger

In 2018 Tony was presented with The Lifetime Achievement Award at the Romford Film Festival.

Here is an interview with Tony following his acceptance of the award.

Tony is a proud member of Artists United and the Northamptonshire Authors Society.

Romford Film Festival Interview
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