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Havana is back, and she wants revenge.


CLOSED CIRCUIT television is watching you now. A workman in overalls fixes up the ubiquitous cameras in many locales as we watch. On the corner of a building overlooking a car park, in a shop above a changing room, pointed at an apartment block. Everywhere we look the cameras are looking back at us.


How does a girl cope with the knowledge that she is the result of a savage occult gang rape? Havana Silver makes the discovery when she is living the life of an all-American 17 year old. Her idyllic lifestyle changes overnight when she receives the news via a prayer book, bequeathed to

By her long dead mother.


Havana discovers the truth of her mother’s rape by her fellow passing out police officer cadets, of the B of S club, of her conception, of the cover up. Havana needs to avenge her mother, and this becomes her mission.


But what punishment befits a rapist? Havana has a selection of suitably horrific ideas, which she puts in to practice with the aid of her tap into the town’s closed circuit camera system. She sees everywhere all of the time, she can manipulate the traffic lights, the trains, just about every remotely controllable machine in the area. When Havana puts her mind to something, failure is not an option. Tying the rapists together is the clandestine, “Beast of Satan” club, a secret society that uses women as sexual sacrifices. The group is merciless; its history is full of murder, sexual abuse and other atrocities. The club cannot be infiltrated or exposed, since its members are all police officers from all over the country. Havana’s only option is to become a police officer herself, and infiltrate wherever she can.


Havana remorselessly seeks her revenge. Her method is to kill each of the gang members in turn by making love, using whatever she can on them individually until they each die macabre deaths. We realise that the wicked and uncaring boys they were when they did this terrible thing to her are not the men they now are and we are forced to ask the question, do they deserve this fate.


Outside her mission, Havana is a beautiful, gentle young woman, and this side of her is adored by George her new journalist boyfriend. With George, Havana is clever, demure and gentle, his perfect partner. George is besotted, but why can he not see her on an evening, and why does she never talks about her work, or her past?


Closed Circuit is a brutal and ruthless trip around the mind of a woman who we care for and fear in equal measure. Havana is a dichotomy, when she is good she is perfect; when she is bad she is terrifying. Havana is capable of loving George like men dream of, and then she is capable of luring a victim with wild sex, slashing his face to ribbons, dousing him with petrol and setting him alight.


In Closed Circuit, tension is never far away; we are always surprised by Havana’s next move. This is a story of passion aroused by lust and revenge until it is totally out of control; when no one can draw the line between right and wrong.


Closed Circuit is the modern thriller with a tense, spellbinding plot. More than this, viewers are left asking themselves “who is watching me right now?”

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