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Many audience members responded to client satisfaction surveys of Tony's recent events, we have added a brief selection...

"Thank you I really appreciate your input and your honesty.


This class is much more than a writing class . It’s a journey into thinking, feeling, recognizing and growing as a person.

- Phil Miller

Loved the session. Not pandering. Honestly. Exactly what I was looking for. Tnx

- Sharon Touvaino

"For anyone interested in working in the creative field, the Tony Klinger coaching classes are a must. As a reporter, I have been taking these classes myself and they have been truly amazing.

Tony Klinger is an award-winning filmmaker. Well, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Tony is also a writer, a director, a cameraman, the whole package put together and there really isn’t anything that Tony can not guide you on.

The classes have been extremely informative, Tony is able to pass on a wealth of knowledge on every aspect of the creative industry. The classes have given me a know how on all aspects of the media industry. Tony is able to guide you in the right direction, inspire you to go forward and share with you his knowledge on the best way to succeed. Having made films like Get Carter with his father Michael Klinger, Tony knows success very well.

The classes have been able to point me in the right direction in my own personal field of work and also teach me what pitfalls to avoid. If you are interested in working in the creative industry that the Tony Kilnger Coaching classes are a must.

Tony is the master, his teaching skills are easy to follow and very informative. Each week Tony teaches and guides his students in the right direction and how to achieve success. Not only do these classes help you progress but Tony is also on hand to help you achieve that success."

- Francesca Lilleystone

"Simply, very well said! Not only a dynamic film producer, Tony is an fabulous example of the importance of understanding the whole process. If you understand every aspect, you’ll value the people doing those jobs and the end result will be substantially improved. Tony of course, like so many outstanding creatives, could do every job himself. Oh and he’s an all round lovely guy too, which makes him a pleasure to work with!"

"Tony Klinger gave us a great event - a masterclass in communicating gems of business wisdom within a hugely entertaining talk..."

“The only reason I didn’t give you full marks all round was to avoid you having difficulty getting through the door with such a swollen head.”

- Geoffrey Iley

“I came for the demagogue, but I got the pedagogue, for which I'm grateful…"

“I was prepared for some rabble-rousing exhortations to get out there and sell, sell, sell! Instead I got this gently spoken guy taking us on a journey to places I at least hadn't seriously considered before.”

Great advice 😁

“I think Tony is a good speaker and an interesting person to listen to, and he has a fascinating personal story.”

Great info👍

I have been following all of Tony’s talks...Informative Honest Clear advice....For all creatives

Such a  good talker and a great listener !!!

So much good information here 😁


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