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Honeysuckle Heights

Havana is in captivity but is she going to be tamed?


We begin on the Highway and in the first minutes we are involved in a massive smash up in which Havana is a total heroine, saving several people from certain death.


HONEYSUCKLE HEIGHTS is where Havana is then taken when her parents make a deal for her to avoid jail time for a series of crimes she’s committed but which aren’t easy to prove.


Initially she is misled by one of the inhabitants who fakes that they’re the Doctor in charge.


In the luxurious surroundings of HONEYSUCKLE HEIGHTS dark secrets are hidden in unlit corridors. Taken off the streets in an effort to protect her from a life in prison. Havana hides from the truth but wherever she turns she’s confronted by her new reality.


Realizing that she’s been duped Havana rescues the real medical director and his team from their captivity.


But what do you expect in a residential home for people with mental illnesses other than a great many crazy people, including many of the staff. The Medical Director is a transsexual who is a gifted Doctor who is also revealed to be in the grip of a gambling obsession.


The Doctor uses the information she has illegitimately recorded without Havana’s permission to force her to fight for money with no holds barred. Blood and spittle fly as the fights are barbaric, exciting and rouse the crowds to hysteria.

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