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"How to get a film Made"

Almost every day I get asked by someone how to get a film made. The answer is simple, but doing it is difficult.

1. Make sure you're really passionate about the subject you want to produce, you're going to have to smash through walls.

2. Write a great script, a selling outline and a super log line.

3. Make certain you create an accurate and achievable critical path analysis, script breakdown by department, schedule and budget.

4. Surround yourself with a team possessing complimentary and different skills who will keep going when the going gets tough.

5.. Work out your market for the film you're going to make and start that process at the same time you start preparing production.

6. Cast your director with someone who has vision, ambition and proof that he or she can deliver, it doesn't matter on what scale that proof originates.

7. Then cast every part with great actors, and make sure you get some star appeal in a couple of main leads.

8. Get some pre-sales under your belt, but keep back some key main territories if you can.

9. Make sure your funding is in place, and don't start until you have enough money to finish.

10. Beg, steal or borrow enough money to make sure you publicise your film along with the regular advertising and marketing budgets.

11. Travel to as many distributors in their home countries to arrange premieres as your budget permits, they'll love you for it and this will more than repay you for this film and all those films to come.

Good luck!

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