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Published on 2014-10-09 15:42

Sometimes we should give credit where it's due. A very good friend purchased a Mac Mini and Thunderbolt Display from Apple last year. There were some problems and the guys at the Genius Bar and their back up technicians tried valiantly to solve the problem.

​Apple replaced the logic board of the Mac Mini and all seemed to be fine for a while, but the problem returned. They fixed the Mac Mini again, and once more all was well for a while. All this while providing prompt, polite service with a smile.

​Sadly the problem recurred and the Mac Mini diagnostic seemed fine so the customer brought in his Thunderbolt Display as suggested. Less than a week later Apple rang to say they were unable to duplicate the fault but were going to replace the Thunderbolt Display with a brand new model.

​You could make the point that there shouldn't have been faults in the first instance, but problems do happen and it's how you deal with them that matters. this proves that Apple can still get it right and it's way too early to write them off because of growing competition.

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