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Anti-Semites are idiots. All racism is idiotic. Anyone reading this who is a racist should stop reading now because they are about to become convinced they were right to be anti-Semitic because this is one angry Jew who is coming after you and your stupidity.

I am Jewish, in fact let’s be very clear, I am proud to be Jewish. I have nearly four thousand years of history in my direct line of ancestors. That doesn’t make me better or worse, just an inheritor of an enormous, complex, exciting, dreadful and wonderful history. My people have walked the entire world and contributed enormously to it. It is said the good Lord made us the “Chosen People” but if that is the case we were not chosen to be superior, we were chosen to be the sand in the oyster that created great pearls of thought and wisdom for the entirety of mankind.

The international definition of anti-Semitism states Anti-Semitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.”

The thing these people have in common is that they were or are Jewish; Jesus, Karl and Groucho Marx, and not to forget Harpo, Einstein, Spinoza, Sigmund, Lucian and Anna Freud, Moses, Mel Brooks, Anne Frank, Steven Spielberg, Franz Kafka, Stan Lee, Marcel Proust, Leonard Cohen, Marc Chagall, Levi Strauss, Bob Dylan, Trotsky, Solomon, Rothko, Arthur Miller and I could go on almost endlessly.

Jews continue to achieve spectacular results out of all proportion to their numbers in awards such as Nobel Prizes, Pulitzer's and Academy Awards.

I think you will agree these are truly great people with incredible achievements in every field of endeavour. All this was achieved from a group of people who number a mere 0.2% of the world’s population. Put another way, there are a little more than 16.5 million people identified as Jewish, about the same number as there were immediately before the Holocaust, set against a global population numbering more than 7 billion people.

In a U.K. context there are about two hundred and forty thousand Jews in a general population count of about sixty six million.

So you haters out there who are still with this article let me ask, do you hate us because we are so successful, or because we just won’t lay down and die to make you happy? What is it you hate so much? Is it because you want to imagine us all as Jewish cartoon figures, fat, sweaty and with big noses? Let me remind you of some Jews that look like Paul Newman or Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman or Harrison Ford and that might destroy your stereotype.

Why does the world continue to harbour anti-Semitism? Is it because the Jews are considered to be too successful or too rich? You might not know this, but the proportion of Jews living under the poverty line in Israel is 20% that is only slightly lower than the USA’s figures or put it another way somewhere between the first world’s average numbers.

Anti-Semites also use their utterly false perception of Israel to justify their unjustified hatred of Jews. We now have the perfect storm of a four-pronged hatred against Jews. The first group are the neo-Nazis, Fascists, Nazis, KKK etc. You would have thought that this mob of losers had been discredited by what happened to Adolf Hitler and his cronies. Their obsessive hatred of Jews played a major part in their eventual downfall and the loss of tens of millions of lives. But no, these mad people still exist and retain total hatred for Jews. Somehow the victims, the Jews, are to blame for their own plight. Yes it really is as stupid as that!

Then comes the hard Left, who use another anti-Israel justification for their Jew hatred, and shield behind the demonisation of democratic Israel’s every action, or inaction, and measure that country against others to impossible, unrealistic levels. In other words Israel can never do right. In essence the left wingers would like Israel to disappear and then when that seven million Jews were either killed or forced into mass emigration they would weep crocodile tears. Thanks a lot but no thanks.

Let’s be clear Israel’s actions are not worse than those of other countries but they are certainly much better than those of many dictatorships or the countries around them. Name me a single proper democracy in any of the Arab countries surrounding them.

Why doesn’t the hard left protest about China? The Chinese government took over Tibet, they have also sought to dominate Hong Kong despite international agreements that they would respect that territory’s democracy and then there is the small matter of the Uighur's. There are approximately one million native Uighur's being “re-educated” in China’s Orwellian orgy of control freakery. Children forcibly separated from their parents in huge numbers. Do you see the mass marches in London? No, because double standards are being employed.

How about the Russians stealing Crimea from the Ukraine or taking over half of that country through their proxies? Thousands of innocent people have died as a consequence. Do you see the mass marches by the hard left in London? No, because those double standards are still being employed.

Israel is wrongly and repeatedly accused of being an Apartheid state. This is an entirely false accusation. Israel has about two million Arab citizens with full voting rights in its population of approximately nine million. Contrast this with the leaders of the Palestine Authority publicly stating that not a single Jew would be allowed to live in any future Palestinian State. Sounds like it’s the pot calling the kettle black.

When Israel was brought into existence by a vote in the United Nations Israel accepted the borders of the new country and its neighbouring states. But all the Arab countries surrounding Israel immediately tried to invade the new little country and a large number of local Arabs chose to join with the invaders. Some 720,000 Palestinians left Israel, most voluntarily because they were trying to avoid being caught in the war. While many more Arabs stayed right where they were.

Many of the original Arab refugees were never resettled and raised their children and their children’s children in “camps,” because their Arab host countries would not allow them to integrate, and these camps became breeding grounds for resentment and terrorism. This is the only conflict in the world where the great grandchildren of the original refugees are still termed refugees and are treated as such.

Ethnic Palestinians living in Israel are full citizens of Israel, with full political rights.

People at large, and those who don’t wish to remember an inconvenient truth should know that simultaneously 850,000 Jews were forced to flee all the Arab states after Israel was created. Those Jews became citizens of the new country and have been integrated into all walks of life.

Similarly related by a common thread of hatred for Zionism and anti Israel Jew bashing are the terrorist inspired illegal groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, ISIS and their fellow travellers such as the Muslim Brotherhood. These are commonly grouped together as Islamist's. But I don’t think they represent the true beliefs of Islam, however they do represent a sizeable group combined in their desire to hurt anyone who doesn’t follow the teachings of their prophet in the manner they wish us all to follow. They tell us they are sworn to destroy or dominate the non-believers. Don’t misunderstand me or my motives, I have no hatred for Muslims or Arabs, but I don’t want to be attacked by the fanatics who want me to be damaged in some way because I’m Jewish.

Last in this four groups of Jew bashers are the so-called polite society people of Europe and North America. They now feel free to utter the one form of racism that few people find acceptable. Anti-Semitism is the in form of racism and it is out in the open in too many places for comfort. It started with off colour jokes and now it shows itself in a multitude of ways. I was having dinner with a British Consul in a Polish city a while back. He and his family only knew I was a film maker checking out locations in the city and he had no idea I was Jewish. The wine flowed and then he said, “You know all the problems in the middle east could be avoided if there wasn’t that crappy little country, Israel in the way..” I thought of telling him straight away that I was Jewish but something stopped me. “Tell me,” I said, “Do you think the Arab riots in Hebron where 66 men women and children were massacred were caused by Israel’s actions.” “Yes, obviously.” He answered, “That would be interesting, “ I said, “Because those riots happened in 1929, twenty years before there was an Israel to riot against.”

He was silent and the next day he sent me a note of apology. But its against this background of ill-informed ignorance and ingrained, deep seated hatred for Jews that the so called dinner society now sits in judgement of Israel and all the old prejudices show themselves.

Another accusation often aimed at my fellow Jews is we’re too “pushy”. I have never understood this one. Why stand at the end of the line when you can take your turn at the front? Too pushy, what like that Jesus fellow?

Even if that’s the way you think why bother?

How? And perhaps more importantly for this article why did this result in anti-Semitism?

Recently I was in Los Angeles and I posted this on my Facebook account, “
I was in a L.A. store a couple of weeks ago and there was a commotion in the next aisle. I looked over and a woman in her 40’s was screaming at her son. I was about 30 feet away and she shouted “What are you staring at you fat old Jew?!” To be honest I hadn’t looked for more than a few seconds and maybe she’s right and I’m getting older.
I don’t feel overweight but I can live with the judgement – but I don’t accept the word Jew when it’s meant as an insult. Everyone else around the incident pretended it hadn’t happened. I’m posting this because all forms of racism should be called out.

I have since received over one hundred and fifty messages of support, encouragement, and shares. Not a single negative comment, all of which I really appreciated.

When you sum up all these excuses for Jew hatred that we term anti-Semitism let’s remember that truthfully they are all a series of false pretexts for ignorance and race hatred. The real reason I wrote this article when asked was something I learned when I was a small boy at my first school. I was about seven or eight years old and it was a Catholic School my parents put me into because it was the best school in the area. I remember that first morning assembly like it was yesterday, when the headmaster from his lectern said, “And let us all welcome our first Jewish student, Klinger, over there.” He pointed me out to the assembled giants who towered over me as hundreds of pairs of eyes looked at me, the intruder, the other, and I gulped in a moment of fear of the unknown.

That play time a boy a year or two my senior walked up to me, I remember his name, and asked me, “Why did you kill Jesus?” and then hit me on the nose as hard as he could. Of course I cried and my nose bled. I went home where my parents asked me what had happened. I told them the entire story whereupon my father sat me down and said that I either had to learn to be a fast runner or a good fighter. I learned how to defend myself and ended up as the boxing captain at school. No one picked a fight with me after that.

Writ large that’s the story of the Post Holocaust Jews, we will not take nonsense any more, not from anyone, not at any time. We know what happens when we do. So that’s why, in this little article I am calling out the Jew haters and telling you we have had enough, and we’re not going to take it any more!

When God was creating the world, He told the angels He was going to create an extra-special place he would call Israel. He described the beautiful hills, the verdant fields, the wonderful springs and rivers He planned to create. Then He described how the people who lived there would be smart and resourceful, and would create great cities, wonderful art, and amazing scientific innovations.

“Won’t the rest of the world be jealous, God, putting so many wonderful things inside Israel?” the angels fretted.

“Don’t worry,” said God, “wait until the world sees the neighbours I’m giving them!”

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