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Death And Taxes

Two things are commonly accepted as certainties - death and taxes. Today I received notification of both.
Her Majesty’s Inland Revenue reminded me that it is time to file my Corporation Tax. Not too difficult because life was pretty simple in that regard. I was recently asked whether my company was a “not for profit” and quite honestly that’s how it feels. Well we certainly aren’t making any fortunes to worry about because when you’re in the creative industries you have to spend a bloody fortune first on development, then another vast fortune on production and a third f.... fortune on sales and marketing. Occasionally, very rarely you get a breakout, a huge success. I have had one or two but that has to pay for all the rest and in the meantime they will tax the ass off you.
Then the other shoe dropped. I got a call between some important meetings that a relative, a man I really cared for, loved and actually liked had died today. He’d been a hugely clever man, he had qualifications as a botanist, an academic and worked for a quasi-governmental body for a great many years. He’d established education ministries for several African countries when they became independent. Imagine how awful it was to see this witty, articulate man gradually drift down the rabbit hole of dementia. He did, at one point recognise his plight and that made it worse. The lesson for me and I suspect many of our readers is this. Live for today and pray you keep your mental health and if you’re going to make some money make it a fortune and then jump on a plane before the tax boys send you a letter.

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