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Created on 2015-02-03

Among my many sins is my compulsion to tell stories. OK, these are not fibs, they take the form of books, screenplays and now, my first stage play. My most recent book, and I plug it without shame, is Under God's Table, and here's the link:

The book became available to order on Britain's Next Best Seller web site in the last few days. Here comes the reason for my question.

We aim to create orders for the book, no money taken as yet. This is on the basis that when we reach a pre-set target number of orders it will triggers this publishing arrangement with a proper marketing spend. It's a mutually beneficial deal since my previous publishing experience is a sorry saga which spoke loudly about a lack of marketing. Put another way selling books has become the business of authors every bit as much as writing them.

Another element that becomes obvious since the advent of the overpowering Amazon platform has resulted in the need for a whole new pattern of marketing. How do you reach an audience and maintain their attention when they can't browse a bookstore and their only connection is either very expensive advertising or enormously onerous, difficult and time consuming book tours where you can hope for some sales at a book signing event?

Having worked with digital and conventional publishers for my first two books I have moved to a different method which allows a bit more latitude and the chance to adjust as we go. I am about to offer some incentives to order my book because I feel I should be experimenting and learning from the experience.

So here goes, I am going to offer a free copy of the DVD of my film, Full Circle, either on PAL or NTSC to the first 20 people who order the book via

To claim your copy of the film just provide proof to me of your order on the Britain's Next Bestseller site. We look forward to finding out if incentives work and if you do order the book message me via LinkedIn or Facebook and I shall also pay for postage and packing!

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