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Published on 2014-10-20

I want to write a few words of goodbye to a very lovely lady.

Lynda Bellingham was one of life's ladies, more than a really good actress she was a very warm, direct, honest and generous human being. She worked on the "Confessions " series of films which my father executive produced and she was funny, cheeky and sexy.

Flash forward to a period when I was doing my stint as an academic at the Northern Film School and she appeared for us in a student film despite being a very busy woman. She didn't ask for any special treatment and was unfailingly patient, generous of spirit and good to be around. Her career was varied and most people already know about that much appreciated aspect of her life but it was her super personality that we will remember most.

Following her recent cancer treatment she was straight about the scant time she had left and it was both inspiring and terribly sad. We can all learn from her unblinking honesty.

The last time we met was at the funeral of her ex husband and my good friend, the producer, Greg Smith. As ever she rose above the gloom, was funny and made us all remember the best moments of his life. I can do no more than reciprocate for Lynda. Keep that smile of hers in your mind forever and you'll find you're also smiling. What more precious gift can a person give to the world than to make us happy?

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