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I suspect I’m like you and am so happy to be away from Brexit, even if only for the odd moment. As a person who has been on this earth quite a while, I promise it will all get settled one day in the not too distant future and then they will find something else to witter on about until we’re sick of it. As to all the gender neutral identity that is going on the world has gone nuts as have the parents. What guidelines will a he/she/it/they/their have to go by? They will grow up really mixed up. I feel mixed up and I figured I had such issues figured out.

Can you get your head round it? What will a child feel when it’s older? Perhaps it will turn out OK if they knew nothing different. Meanwhile we're still enjoying Brexit, every day, and when we don’t have that, there's always Trump to enjoy. What times we live in!

Right now I am listening to a radio report about a baby being brought up gender neutral so efficiently that he/she/they/their has grandparents that don't know its/his/ her/they're/their gender. This story was amplified by us because our friends who are experiencing something similar with their new grandchild's arrival. Their child will not identify the child's gender. In fact asking such questions is seemingly seen as an insult in some quarters. What a tangled web we weave.

Hey ho, I still like to think of any new child as he or she. But I have to say that the mother with the gender neutral / fluid boy / girl is called Hobbit and lives on a house boat and is a member of the Climate protest movement. This tells you nothing about the woman (she is of fixed female form, proven by the fact that she birthed an it/he/she/ they/their baby. So if its good enough for her why is it not good enough for the pronoun formerly known as he or she? I don't know why they don't simply plant themselves in the ground and discover if they're a vegetable and grow.

I then heard another mother calling her child River and they do allow her grandparents to know the anatomy of that baby but they are not allowed to call it a boy or a girl as it is a they / them. And this woman is a fixed gender female but identifies more than 65 other genders.

I’m not bothered by anyone old enough to deal with their gender self identification but surely this non identification, denial of a baby’s anatomical realities will cause that person to have psychological disadvantages when she or he is reaching maturity.

For now I am confused. So I will get back to writing my book, on which I have now written over 90,000 words and which now feels like it's writing itself, the characters determined to each have their voice. I hope people will really like “Alsatia – The Search for Treasure” when it’s published next year. It’s set in London in the 17th century and if you think we’ve got it rough you should have been around then!

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