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Health & Safety Reasons

Created in 2007

In England it snowed overnight. In fact it was the heaviest snow we’ve had for nearly two decades, and the weather forecasters are predicting this is just the start of “the biggest snow event in over a decade.” Put another way, it is snowing heavily. These things are relative; here we panic when the depth of the snow reaches 10 inches, whereas in Canada they moan at 10 feet.

It’s interesting to note that even as the ice caps actually increase and whilst the temperature decreases and our snowfall levels are healthily high the global warming doomsayers persist in their politically correct predictions. According to them we are about to all be flooded by the melting polar ice caps. I challenge them to provide proof. I simply don’t believe them. They are either well –intentioned but stupid, or evil extremists who use any lie to make their insupportable arguments appear correct.

I remember the predictions that these same thought police came up with previously, and all of which proved entirely false. This ignoble tradition began in the 18th century when the first such dire predictions of the earth’s demise were widely circulated. It was announced then that the world’s resources would not be able to feed the population, which was then a fraction of what it is today. It has been proven to be a wildly inaccurate prediction as we’ve been eating well for the intervening 200 years.

Of course there are parts of the world where people do not get enough to eat, but that is due to unfair economic systems, corrupt governments and bad, iniquitous distribution. It has never been due to our inability to meet our production needs.

In the mid 1960’s a book entitled “The Population Bomb” by Paul Erlich predicted that hundreds of millions of people would be starving to death in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and that about 65 million of these people dying of starvation would be in the USA. He went on to state that by the year 2000 England would cease to exist. Plainly Paul is a prat. I don’t want to rub it in too much, but what the hell Paul, you were totally wrong in general and in detail, in fact you were talking out of your politically correct anal orifice. The thing that should concern us all is that Mr Erlich is a member of the Optimum Population Trust despite his not having a clue, and being totally incorrect.

Such bodies as the Optimum Population Trust demand the power to curb the amount of children we can have. Remember that they don’t want you to retain the right to reproduce as you want, but demand that they should decide how many children we should all have. They are the true guardians of Nazi and hard line Communist ideology regarding how much we should reproduce. Welcome to the real Green policy leading to a brave new world.

There are doctors who follow such political beliefs who proudly declare that they will refuse to offer fertility treatment to any women who want to have more than 4 children because they believe this will cause an insupportable strain on the earth’s resources.

Our government’s Green adviser, Joanthon Porritt declared last week that it was “irresponsible” for the people of this great land to have more than 2 children per family because it was creating an unbearable burden on the environment. I suppose this follows that other great example of “Green” democracy and tolerance, The Peoples Republic of China, because they have long enjoyed a 1 child per family policy. Nazi Germany had an even more selective reproduction policy.

The UK is doing its best to be a bastion, a shining light of political correctness. After all this is the country that allowed its local government to ban refuse collections more than once every two weeks for environmental reasons. Perhaps they don’t realize that refuse allowed to stand and rot for a couple of weeks might be a bigger health hazard?

Today, due to the heavy snow, the parks in London were closed for “health and safety” reasons. Yes, we are banned from play in our parks with our kids today, in case we might slip over.

Our milk now has a label on the outside of the carton, because it contains milk, and therefore, if you’re allergic to milk, you shouldn’t drink, er, milk!

On our television and cinema screens we see a multitude of advertisements from our big brother government telling us it is unsafe to have unprotected sex, it is bad to drink and drive, it is bad to take drugs and drive, it is dangerous to cross the road without looking first, it is good to study math, it is very good to study science. I’m astonished they haven’t made a commercial instructing me in the correct manner of how to wipe my bum.

Also, in this proud tradition of freedom and tolerance, we allowed the installation of more than 4,000,000 CCTV cameras that gives us the opportunity to be photographed, one way or another, about 2-400 times per day, every day. These cameras are being enhanced all the time and are now linked in an enormously powerful combination. Some of these cameras come complete with such devices as vehicle license recognition, and soon many with behavior recognition, face recognition and listening and broadcast facilities.

Undaunted we have made it possible, through anti terrorism legislation, for our local councils to install tiny cameras into our refuse bins to make certain that we sort our rubbish in the prescribed manner, or we will be fined.

Local government is using the same legislation to check whether people claiming benefits are actually cohabiting with each other. This is achieved by dispatching council employees to spy on the potentially false claimants. When did it become local governments role to pervert the use of supposedly legitimate anti terrorism legislation to see if man A is having consensual sex with woman B?

Our government informs us that we need to eat less and exercise more. In fact it has been paying for huge advertising campaigns to promote a healthy lifestyle on TV and elsewhere. Don’t they understand that it’s our own choice how we live, diet and exercise? It is not the job of the nanny state to instruct or legislate on such matters.

In fact it is no one’s business, as long as we don’t break existing laws, how we choose to live, where and with whom. Even if I want to drink myself to oblivion, or exercise until I drop or jumping up and down naked and yodeling my head off it's my right and no one is going to take that away. It is my business and no one has the right to tell me otherwise.

This is a battle for freedom and we are allowing it to drift away in a fog of baloney loosely called political correctness and it is probably the most insidious and dangerous assault on our liberties and common sense since the English Civil War.

I have a guaranteed method for controlling the population and relieving stress. All of these politically correct people who tell everyone else how to live, reproduce etc. should commit collective suicide.

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