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Islamic Victims

Created on 11/9/2008

In the last week the trial was concluded of a group of Islamic men, born in the UK, who were accused of plotting to blow up a large number of trans Atlantic jets. Three of the defendants were found guilty of lesser charges, and one man was acquitted, and the Director of Public Prosecution has announced that the rest of the men charged are to be re-tried after the jury were unable to reach a decision about them.

This is despite the fact that these men had made individual suicide videos for release after their ultimately unsuccessful suicide attacks. The ingredients of the explosive devices were also found, as were details of the targeted aircraft. In addition to this these men had also been trained to carry out such missions in Pakistan. What did the jury want, an engraved invitation to mass murder?

Who can care whatever warped motivation such maniacs claim when their aim was to massacre thousands of men, women and children of every race, color and creed in an act designed to horrify on an even greater scale than the jets crashing into the Twin Towers.

I am not a lawyer, nor an expert on this case, but there is something very wrong when hugely well-prepared cases such as this one are not able to obtain the serious convictions the evidence appears to justify. We hope that someone very high in the English justice system is investigating how this jury deliberated, and what was its composition. There are grave misgivings being voiced by many people when such questionable decisions are reached without explanation. Is this another case of misguided political correctness gone mad, this time in the jury room?

At the same time, and unconnected in almost every way, across London, there are four of the most senior Islamic officers in the Metropolitan Police Force at various stages of claims against that organization for racial bias against them. All of these complaints single out for special condemnation the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair. Normally I am at the forefront of those condemning this silly and super PC man, but surely not for his racism. He genuflects to the false gods of PC’ness and exposes his posterior whilst he grovels on the floor. How could anyone be less racist than this man? In fact, under his leadership it is much harder to get into the police force and gain promotion if you are white and English than if you are from a minority.

How wonderfully ironic that Ian Blair should be hoist on his own ample petard in this instance, and how stupid. The four officers concerned are professional chance takers, who it appears might well just be seeking to get rich quick by making silly and unsubstantiated claims for racial discrimination in order that they might gain financially.

To add to this ghastly parody of racial prejudice, it is now reported that the lawyer acting for these officers is himself a person with a more than questionable past. Are we all shocked, I don’t think any of us can be. We inhabit an Orwellian world in which everything is distorted and warped by falsehood and greedy inadequate people who care nothing about loyalty, integrity or society.

What makes it worse in both these stories is that most of the people concerned are Asians of the Muslim faith and were born or were raised in the UK. They have taken everything this country has had to offer and in return abuse us and seek to harm or gain from us. They are despicable human beings, not because they are Muslim, but because they are human garbage that deserves nothing but our contempt. In this society that has embraced a victim culture it has become hard for some to remember that the real victims are the people who actually suffer, and not the people who are able to complain the loudest.

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