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Like a Swan

Created on 18/6/2006

Sometimes you have to look beneath the surface and witness just how hard the legs are kicking to appreciate the swan’s serene progress above the surface.

The last couple of weeks saw us launch our picture in picture services in several new places and media. We went live on the Football Association’s own web site with our interactive shirt service, several times in the Mirror Group of newspapers also related to football, this time you pictured with your favourite England footballers, and in the biggest news circulation newspaper, the Sun, you pictured with your favourite “page 3” topless female beauty.

Sounds simple doesn’t it. Think again, and this time remember that we are talking about our products and services, and that these are unique, and that no one else in the world does what we do, because they can’t.

Before I start with my litany of rants remember that we did pull this off. We have the best team in the world or we’d never have achieved this result.

Some of the things that went wrong.

The artwork in most of the pieces was not what we had designed, but the result of other folks not understanding our services. But we have now fixed it.

The price point was too high, but we have now fixed it.

The publishers didn’t yet manage to put their advertisements of our products in context. Therefore instead of placing the service of the footballers in the football section of the paper, it was arbitrarily and somewhat strangely beneath an advertisement for a penis enlargement service.

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