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Mumbai Aftermath

Created on 28/10/2008

Over the last couple of days there have been a series of linked, murderous terrorist outrages in the Indian city of Mumbai. Over 100 people were murdered and more than 300 have been injured. So far we don’t know the precise nature of the group that perpetrated the attack other than the fact that they appeared to be from the Indian sub continent and are followers of Islam, as they claim.

The other fact that is inescapable is that they were targeting, in particular, citizens of the USA and UK in addition to having invaded a specifically Jewish building.

Already the politically correct apologists in our midst have expressed their view that we “must understand the causes of this reaction on their part.” This is code for polite society to turn off their normal morality button unless and except if it were a member of their own family who is lying dead in a bloodied heap because of this group of murdering thugs.

The PC argument continues with, look at how we have made their people suffer in (substitute whichever suits you) Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Bosnia, Sudan etc. etc. and you will have a better understanding of their anger.

Enough of this nonsense, how about our anger, our rights and our people?

Muslim terrorists have been attacking anyone they could attack without any reason, and without any justification for a very long time, and its time it was stopped. We plainly will not stop them by talking to them when their intent is to overthrow your civilization and kill or suppress all non-believers.

Before anyone reading this reaches for his or her electronic pen to assail me with any response supporting or understanding the rights of these killers let me, as calmly as possible, respectfully point out that terrorism such as the Mumbai massacre has it roots way before there was any possible justification.

Before there was a modern state of Israel in 1948 there were massacres of the Jewish population more than 20 years earlier, before there was any war in Iraq or Afghanistan there was the first bombing of the World Trade Center, 10 years previously.

We could go on with such facts but the truth is that the Politically Correct idiots don’t want to hear facts when they are inconvenient.

There have even been calls for covert talks with Afghanistan’s Taliban despite their bombings of civilians, random massacres and their recent acid attacks on the faces of their country’s girls and young women who dare to get an education.

Let me make my position clear, these are evil people who are at war with us, and they must be eradicated before they are able to do even greater damage. You don’t make peace at any cost with such people; instead you must consign them to the litterbin of history.

It is fashionable to condemn anything that President George W Bush or former Premier Tony Blair did when they were in office, but their successors, Gordon Brown and Barack Obama agree with them that the terrorist threat such attacks represent are still top of their target list.

Such terrorists are our deadly enemy and must be beaten, and if we don’t deal with them, root and branch, they will, one day soon, attack you again; the only difference being it will be a bigger, better organized attack and the target will be nearer to your home.

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