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Sex Stranger

Created on 27/6/2008

Today I shall review a new CD called Sex With A Stranger. This is a totally new type of concept devised and composed by David Courtney.
Sex with a Stranger is unique because it is focused through the female erotic imagination and is suffused with erotic music that creates a totally new area for the listener to explore.

Sex With A Stranger is based on David Courtney’s original story and was written by leading American erotica author Sage Vivant, a woman who understands sensuality from the woman’s perspective; all the music is composed and produced by David Courtney. The album blends eroticism and contemporary music for a unique multidimensional sensory experience.

Before I continue I am happy and proud to reveal that David and I are friends and have been colleagues both here and in the USA several years back. I have no other connection to this album but I wish I had. It’s terrific.

The reasons for the album being excellent become obvious when you know more about David Courtney. He is an Internationally renowned record producer and composer who has worked with some legends in music. Courtney has numerous entrees in various Rock Music Encyclopaedias. He is also the proud owner of many Platinum, Gold and Silver Disc Awards representing the Millions of records he has sold worldwide.

As a record producer, Courtney worked with greats like; Roger Daltrey (The Who) Leo Sayer, Adam Faith, Gene Pitney, Jimmy Page, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton and Dave Gilmore (Pink Floyd) etc.

David also composed many international huge hits such as; THE SHOW MUST GO ON, LONG TALL GLASSES, GIVING IT ALL AWAY,

David’s mastery of his medium has not left him. I have also just heard a preview of David’s next album with a track by him and another friend, Stevie Kalinich called If You Knew, Why Is Everybody Going Home and it is a wonderful poetic evocation of love, loss and the beauty of life. An absolute triumph for both men.

Being an innovator David has been working on a new album, which will be called "The Show must go on" (music & songs of David Courtney) which will feature new recordings of his version of the hit songs "One Man Band” plus a track from his first solo album entitled "When Your Life is Your Own" which features the amazing guitar work of Dave Gilmore and "Starsong" from Adam Faith’s “I Survived” album, featuring Paul McCartney plus a special version of "Why Is Everybody Going Home" which he edited together with a recorded version of Steve Kalinich's poem "If I Knew" plus 2 to 3 brand new songs.

David’s new concept for the music industry is that there will be a subscription concept where the subscribers get their name listed in the album booklet or possibly on the rear sleeve and these will initially be marketed to people who have bought David’s albums through CD Baby, his web site, mail out to various friends, and affiliate links and, of course, through downloads.

This is the link to Passion Online for David’s most recent album, “Sex With a Stranger,” you won’t be disappointed if you try it.

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