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Created on 10/11/2008

I saw the film “W” and the reason for my mention of it here is that I will later comment on the honesty, or lack of it, of the film’s makers, particularly Oliver Stone, its director. Am I alone in thinking standards have gone down, and continue to do so?

I have a regular prescription with several items on it, and the doctors, who pass it on to the dispensing pharmacists, renew this every month. They make it up and I collect it. Every month, unless I chivvy them up there is some kind of screw up. It seems impossible to me that this could be so, but every month, without fail there is another, new mistake.

On Friday last I went to take my medication and one of the boxes was empty, so I looked for the replacement box within the other medications. It wasn’t there, and now it’s the weekend, and there is nothing I can do about it as the particular pharmacy from which I must collect my medications is closed all weekend. I am fortunate not to have a desperate need and therefore a couple of days was going to be OK health wise.

Today I went to the pharmacy to ask for my missing medications and the dispensing pharmacist said he had forgotten to place them in my packet along with the other medications. No apology, no thought that he could have rung me last week to tell me of his mistake, and absolutely no apology for the inconvenience for my having to go back to his shop in the pouring rain.

I am by nature a grumbler, but there is no point in my grumbling to the pharmacist, as I intend to do him the favour of telling his boss at head office. That way some other sucker, who might be in dire need of careful attention will be looked after properly.

Over the recent past I have also noticed that when I visit a public toilet there are a large and growing number of men and boys who do not wash their hands after using the convenience. This is not only disgusting for their own state of cleanliness but will, inevitably have a direct and negative bearing on the health of us all.

It sounds like I am becoming a terrible, angry old man, but the truth is obvious and shouldn’t be ignored, whatever its origination.

Back to my opening, about Oliver Stone, who is a talented man with a long track record of left leaning polemics disguised as filmed entertainment, and he’s at it again here, lying prettily dressed up as high art. Please understand I am no fan of President George W. Bush but that doesn’t mean he should be lied about just because I disagree with him or his policies.

Apparently such lies have become not only acceptable but are applauded. There are innumerable instances of inaccuracies about the President in the film, there are many false innuendos, and many insidious libels dressed up as fact. We could spend hours debating the catalogue of fabrications dreamed up by Stone portrayed here as fact. All I ask is that you check out the facts for yourselves.

I remember the same ideologues of the left saying much the same things about President Ronald Reagan. They claimed he was an incompetent idiot who basically didn’t have a brain. I happen to know some people that knew that President, and without exception they stated that he was very bright and sharp.

I suspect that if President George W. Bush is as stupid as this film portrays him he wouldn’t have gained entrance into either Yale or Harvard Business School and wouldn’t have ended up as a very successful businessman, and wouldn’t have owned a baseball franchise and wouldn’t have been elected Governor of Texas; All of which the film W passes of as simply the rewards for being the son of the first President Bush. No one could really believe that all of those accomplishments came the way of George W because he has a powerful father.

Does anyone dare say anything is lacking in President Elect Obama because he has accomplished so much less?

Where are the similar films about the well-documented peccadilloes of the Democratic President Clinton or the stupid and inept Democratic President Jimmy Carter?

Stone is the same director who made the film JFK and who felt no compunction about inventing historical events for that movie that simply didn’t happen. The same kind of filmmaking was employed in the film Nixon, and instead of it being attacked it is praised by the like-minded left leaning “media intelligentsia” who sneer at anything or anyone with an opinion to the right of his or her own.

I don’t crown these fools and liars with the word liberal, because they are no liberal, they are dogmatic fools who do not have the good grace to grant any rightness to the cause of those they regard as their political enemies. They would do well to remember that the root of democracy is not to the right or left of the spectrum, but above it, where right is not a direction but a byword for probity, civility and honesty, and maintaining the highest standards.

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