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The Toughest Moment

Published on 2016-06-20

Very recently I found myself in the unenviable position of having to tell an exciting new film making talent that she shouldn't go ahead with her long cherished creative project. It was awful as the realisation dawned that her production should be delayed.

I'd been engaged to produce the film and provide some knowledge, wisdom, experience and battle scars as a safeguard for her lack in these matters. In many ways new film makers compensate for this because they have such energy, focus and determination to overcome all obstacles. However at our first meeting I'd cautioned her with the words, "It is sometimes more brave to stop a production than to go ahead with it." Little did I think how appropriate that phrase might soon turn out to be.

I'm confident that the money will be forthcoming and the very attractive production will go forward and be very successful. It deserves to do so. But when I see so many projects go forward half cooked financially and consequently failing I know this is the right way to go, despite, on the surface, it being less user friendly to do so.

Unluckily the finance on offer wasn't quite timely enough and my golden rule is that you never go forward with a project without assured financial ability to finish it. If there is ever a moment when you are confronted by that choice remember the words of my late grandfather, "you never go broke on the deals you didn't do!"

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