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Published on 2014-08-28

I'm not Scottish, so forgive me as a British citizen from having a view. I don't think Scotland is going to vote for independence from the rest of the UK and I think, in a business sense, that they would be foolish to do so.

The Scottish people enjoy over representation in the central government of the UK at Westminster plus their own government and management of a growing number of matters. They also receive a larger proportion of the national largesse than their numbers allow to the detriment of the English.

Far from being under represented in power at Westminster the Scottish have enjoyed the benefits of several of the Prime Ministers, and other senior political figures being Scottish and helping to govern the UK over many years.

Scotland has enjoyed the fruits of the most successful political and economic union between countries in the world for several hundred years so what would be the point of walking away from this mutually rewarding union to an unknown and unknowable future where not even the currency is predictable?

The future truly is better together!

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