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Solo2Darwin and Geopolitics

Solo2Darwin to temporarily return to the UK to await permissions and new weather window. Following on from detailed discussions around some of the barriers currently holding up Amanda Harrison in Beirut, it has been decided that Amanda will fly G-AXAN back to the UK temporarily and await the clearing of airspace and the next weather window to fly safely through India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia.

There are two weather windows to get down to Australia, May/June and Sept/Oct. With the delay in opening the airspace in Pakistan Solo2Darwin has lost the May/June window. Amanda will fly a shorter route back to the UK flying from Beirut to Cyprus then on through Greece, Italy and France. The route is shorter and less problematic as it isn’t Amy’s route.

Solo2Darwin will re-plan a start from Beirut at an achievable weather window. It will also give Amanda an opportunity to be in the UK in time for planned appointments with her oncologist, which were at risk as delays got longer. Solo2Darwin will still complete and the energy and momentum generated around the adventure will continue and grow.

See the thoughts of Amanda and the team below:

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