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Lee Marvin

Lee Marvin starred with Roger Moore in our film, "Shout at the Devil". He was a total professional whenever he was working despite his hell raising reputation. However, after a couple of months filming almost every day he had a day off when we were due to work towards "blowing up" the set of the full sized replica of the German battleship The Blucher which we had built in the verdant jungle of the Skeleton coast in the River.

He decided to use his day off productively arriving at my position carrying two massive crates of beer. This was early morning, hot and sweaty and he had already consumed a few cans and was looking very bleary eyed. He told me to get out of his way as he wanted to wear a different uniform and be an extra since he was concerned we didn't have enough German looking sailors.

I explained he couldn't do that since he was the star of the film and very recognisable. He repeated that he was going to the set and that if I didn't get out of his way he would put me on my ass. It seemed sensible to let him proceed and he did so. I warned the director on my walkie talkie and he said, "That's all I need, why did you send him to me?"

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