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Mickey Rooney

This is what I wrote when Mickey Rooney died. Mickey Rooney died aged 93. I worked with him on two films, Rachel's Man as Line Producer and in a junior role on Pulp. He was funny, quirky, sometimes surprisingly severe and full of great anecdotes.

I interviewed him a couple of years back for the film about my dad, The Man Who Got Carter. Although now old and crotchety he still told great stories and was hugely entertaining, but as my camera man said, "pretty damned scary!" He was one of the last Hollywood greats. From an era that no longer exists people forget that he was the most successful box office star for several years in the late 1930's when he was star of the Andy Hardy series and latterly in that period in co-starring roles with Judy Garland.

He was, above all, a very talented and great fun for anyone who knew him and those that watched him. RIP Mister Rooney.

Mickey Rooney died poor but we should judge him for the immense joy he gave to millions of people not his lack of millions of dollars!

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