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JEENI is proud to announce their new Ambassador, the award winning film maker and writer, Tony Klinger.


Klinger has made several internationally acclaimed documentaries such as THE FESTIVAL GAME, EXTREMS both currently in re-release by distributors Gonzo Media alongside his book ( and DVD film package) of THE WHO AND I about his exploits producing THE WHO movie, THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT. He has made many other feature films around the globe. Prior this, with  his father, Michael who was also a world famous film producer making iconic films like GET CARTER, REPULSION and the CONFESSIONS series of films he worked on GOLD and SHOUT AT THE DEVIL with Roger Moore and Lee Marvin. 


Tony said, “ I was thrilled to be invited to become an Ambassador with and for JEENI, I applaud and echo their ethical approach, and I was equally excited to engage with their amazing team so when they offered me the opportunity to share my knowledge of the music business, film making and creativity.”


Klinger’s fascination with ways of sharing the creative processes with business and commercial know how has seen him create initiatives like his own https://www.give-get-go.com and before that with Artists United and bCreaive. “I discovered this need for sharing and spreading knowledge when I was a university academic.” His outstanding success led to his students winning many awards and their success continued when they graduated leading to illustrious professional careers.


Klinger had already made it clear, “I wanted to be involved in projects that continue and grow my dream that enables everyone to enjoy their creativity. JEENI is another big step in this seemingly endless search without me being sanctimonious or unreal, it still excites me, but also enables our audience to fully enjoy and think about the world we share.”


Our users of JEENI will be three dimensional and complex. Their projects might not be obvious but are, nevertheless understandable, In effect the JEENI community are the project. Above all they are individuals who can overcome their personal battles because they’re so empathetic, energetic and enthusiastic that you’ll want to engage with this emotional and creative roller coaster ride while their audience becomes fully engaged.”


Shena Mitchell, Founder Director of JEENI said, “We are hugely excited to have brought Tony into our family. He has an amazing track record and this experience and success in both the film and music industry proves he is a huge plus for us and we are already enjoying our work with him.”

Further information about JEENI can be found in the link below!


'The Man Who Got Carter' Selected for the Chichester Film Festival

I hope to see you at the Chichester Film Festival on August 11 to see my film, "The Man Who Got Carter"

Give-Get-Go’s Tony Klinger Proud To Introduce 'Sisters' | Now In Post Production

This special, heartwarming and eye opening film is now in post production, moving one step closer to being released. This is a film by Dan Blackwell, whom Give-Get=Go are honoured to be working with

"It is incredibly exciting to be able to collaborate with Dan Blackwell, and telling a remarkable story. In some of the most difficult parts of the world. Dan is the composer and film maker who had the vision and guts to get this ball rolling and we at Give-Get-Go aim to share his vision. From some of the most difficult trouble spots in the world we witness the greatest stories of success. What Dan achieved by reaching out through music is both uplifting and will inspire.”


Music has a special power, and set against the volatile environment of Kabul the first female orchestra in the country are achieving peace through music.


 In some of the most difficult parts of the world comes some of the greatest stories of success.


Solo2Darwin to temporarily return to the UK to await permissions and new weather window. Following on from detailed discussions around some of the barriers currently holding up Amanda Harrison in Beirut, it has been decided that Amanda will fly G-AXAN back to the UK temporarily and await the clearing of airspace and the next weather window to fly safely through India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia. There are two weather windows to get down to Australia, May/June and Sept/Oct. With the delay in opening the Airspace in Pakistan Solo2Darwin has lost the May/June window. Amanda will fly a shorter route back to the UK flying from Beirut to Cyprus then on through Greece, Italy and France. The route is shorter and less problematic as it isn't Amy's route.


Solo2darwin will re-plan a start from Beirut at an achievable weather window. It will also give Amanda an opportunity to be in the UK in time for planned appointments with her oncologist, which were at risk as delays got longer. Solo2Darwin will still complete and the energy and momentum generated around the adventure will continue and grow.

See the thoughts of Amanda and 

the team here


Follow the link below to read

an excellent blog by Amanda,

covering her incredible adventure so far,

and how she has already overcome

a myriad of hurdles and disasters!


Tony Klinger and Give-Get=Go are proud to be working together with Geoffrey Iley on the exciting feature film Navegator




Welcome to our new project - Solo2Darwin


We at Give-Get=Go were filming yesterday at Duxford for Solo2Darwin with heroine pilot Amanda Harrison and Paul Martin my fellow film maker. It is our first film project for the company and we couldn't have asked for a more important store


We launch Amanda on her epic trip from the UK to Australia next month. 


Amanda recently recovered from breast cancer and a double mastectomy determined to live her dream on behalf of all women who were told they can't do so and all cancer sufferers. 


Amanda lives to fly and you can soar with her.

Tony went on GONZO Radio recently to talk about this project and our heroine pilot:


 We were delighted to be a part of a brilliant event at Bristol's Watershed Cinemas to enjoy Professor Andrew Spicer present on The Jewish Influence on the British film industry. To follow this talk we were able to screen our feature documentary The Man Who Got Carter to a great audience who participated in a Q&A session with Andrew and Tony.

This event, part of the Jewish Historical Society’s Jewish History Month, jointly hosted by JHSE, Watershed, UWE and DAVAR. It provided a unique insight into the potent influence of Jewish entrepreneurs and film-makers on the UK’s film industry.

Professor Andrew Spicer (UWE) spoke wonderfully of how Jewish exhibitors, distributors and producers shaped the evolution of the British film industry from its beginning to the present. It proved to be a fitting introduction to the showing of the film, and gave the audience an opportunity to view the film from with an alternate lens. It prompted a busy Q&A session afterwards as the audience were able to field questions to both Prof. Spicer and Tony as they offered great insight with both their expertise. 


Tony has been featured in both the East London Enquirer and the Writers' Forum Magazine.

The East London Enquirer had a fantastical article detailing the launch of the exciting Give-Get-Go Community Outreach programme, and the Writers' Forum Magazine featured Tony sharing his writing expertise.


Tony has been showcased by the team over at Equal Magazine in a beautiful, extensive and in depth feature.

A free digital download is available 

A documentary about the sensational film career of Michael Klinger.

One of Britain's most influential and successful film producers who shaped the industry immeasurably.

The film premiered this year at the Romford Film Festival.


We are pleased to announce that Tony is working on developing the feature film "Navegator". It is the story of family love set against tremendous odds as the world is threatened by terror, war and destruction. 
We have written the script, chosen the locations and started the casting for this studio sized picture. 
By the way, Nav
egator is the correct spelling. For more information 

More news will follow in the new year about this exciting project and in the meantime everyone at SAM Films sends you all Season's Greetings!



Listen to the brilliant live Q&A session with Colin Vaines and Tony Klinger, hosted by James Whale.

This event was kindly hosted by the Romford Film Foundation and recorded by Alan Taylor-Shearer following the showing of "The Man Who Got Carter" at the world premiere in Romford's Premiere Cinema.

Q&A Session - Romford Film Foundation
00:00 / 00:00

Photograph by Alan Taylor-Shearer


A display of my books and other paraphernalia at the premiere of my film "The Man Who Got Carter" kindly hosted by Joe Sultana for the Romford Film Foundation. It was a great day, many kind things were said, and I even sold some books!


The audio book is dropping soon



The anticipated re-release of Tony Klinger's experience making the 'rockumentary' with one of the biggest bands in the world.

New Novel Published


Today's headlines and tomorrow's.


Two boyhood friends, an Arab and a Jew from Iraq grow up to become deadly enemies living, loving and fighting across the globe.

June 1st saw the publication of Tony Klinger's new novel, "Under God's Table" by Gonzo Multimedia.


It's available on Amazon and various other platforms.


Many projects are in various stages of development and production, in addition to the exciting work of the Give Get Go community outreach organisation.