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Tony is an multi award winning film maker who first worked on the iconic TV series “The Avengers” and has since made over one  hundred films worldwide such as “The Kids are Alright” working with iconic stars like Michael Caine, The  Who, Roger Moore, Deep Purple, Lee  Marvin and many other huge talents such as Elmer Bernstein, Maurice Jarre, Henry Mancini, James Galway and Mickey Rooney.

Gripping Yarns.jpg

Gripping Yarns Films Ltd announces
it has received advanced approval
from HMRC for investment
in its initial slate of three Films.

Brand new press release for Gripping Yarns Ltd.

See the Full press release via the button below!

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Tony Klinger’s Fancircles App is a brand new space for all things Tony!

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Movie Date

Ushering in the 3rd month of 2021,

Tony was interviewed by Donna Lefont of 'Food Film Music' to discuss life, film, & leaving a mark on the world.