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The feature film documentary about the sensational film career of Tony's late father, Michael Klinger.

One of Britain's most influential and successful film producers who shaped the industry immeasurably.

The film Premiered in Romford on November 3rd 2018.

View the Trailer down below.

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“I made my film this year because I am now the same age as my dad was when he died;” said Tony, “I want to share why I and many others loved and respected my father.”

       Michael was a trailblazer in his field of independent film producing, resulting in early collaborations with master director Roman Polanski on ‘Repulsion’ and ‘Cul-de-sac’. He also went on to create one of Britain’s most Iconic films ‘Get Carter’ in 1971, featuring the great Michael Caine.

       This film has been rated by many as the best British gangster film of all time, and recently was recognised as the Best British Film ever by Time Out magazine.

Working in an industry that was then in a serious slump, Michael Klinger’s unique talents, sharp wit, and impeccable resolve led to a career in which he had become the most successful film producer in the country and gave him a permanent positive impact on the world of film.


       The Romford Film Foundation said,


“What an incredible day it was at the Michael Klinger retrospective all thanks to the icon who is Tony Klinger - Watching Cul de Sac, Pulp and Get Carter in the way they are supposed to be seen. On a big cinema screen. Definitely recommend it. Then we watched the new documentary about Michael Klinger life and work. Now here is a man who I would loved to have met. The genuine love that people still have him spills through the screen and brought an actual tear or two to my eye. Tony Klinger You sir, have created a beautiful and very moving commemoration to you Father, one everybody is proud to have participated in and to have watched. Thank you"


      From humble beginnings in the streets of Soho, Michael’s surged through the changing times and evolved into a man who reached remarkable achievements. He worked with stars such as Roger Moore, Michael Caine, Peter Finch, Oliver Reed, and many others in his thirty-three feature films.

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