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The Festival Game

 52min   |   English   |  Tony Klinger  Mike Lytton 


1h 21min   |   English   |  Tony Klinger  Mike Lytton 

Available for the first time on DVD. "EXTREMES" is the 1971 film Directed by Tony Klinger, Mike Lytton.


It covers the whole gamut of present day human behaviour, from carefree pop fans bathing nude at the Isle of Wight to withdrawn, pathetic junkies hastening their own deaths with hard drugs.

Accompanying this incredible film is an equally amazing sound track produced by Supertramp, Arc, Crucible and others. The sound track album was released on Deram and is so rare it sells for in excess of £250 and has never being be released on CD before.

In 1969 the legendary Tony Klinger Co-produced, directed and wrote The Festival Game, a documentary on the Cannes Film Festival which remains one of the most widely released documentary films in the history of British Cinema.

Almost 50 years later, Tony and Mike, now slightly older, have, through this film, found each other and now you are going to explore what has happened to them, their beloved film industry and film festivals in general and the Cannes Film Festival in particular.

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