Ace Card Enterprises, in association with Tony Klinger and Philip Neill (Ace artist and card creator), proudly present a new series of postcard-sized cinematic cards covering the prolific Film Director / Producer careers of father and son team: Michael and Tony Klinger.


PHILIP: Illustrator, Cartoonist, Graphic Designer and Publisher of collectable card sets, I have been a full time artist for almost 40 years. In that time I have worked for many publications both in the UK and America. In 1998 I started illustrating and publishing my own card sets, specialising in football and the world of entertainment.


JOHN: Maverick Editor and Publisher of “The Card Scene” magazine. Through my writing (and card time-travelling trips), I simply try to tickle the stiffened toes of a sick world with anarchic healing humour, a loving vibe, the classless magic of collector connectivity, tender-hearted nostalgia, picture-card poetry, and the wonder of life!

This promo-card, exclusive to “The Card Scene” magazine, depicts an unedited version of an intimate scene from “Get Carter” which features in the series.

The card-back commentaries are by Tony himself. A diverse range of film genres are encapsulated within this beautifully illustrated 12-card set including art film Polanski’s “Repulsion”, ‘kitchen sink’ drama “Baby Love”, the action epic “Shout at the Devil”, the realist school “Get Carter”, seventies populist sleaze “Confessions of …. “, and ‘rockumentaries’ “The Kids are Alright”.

Follow the links below to THE CARD SCENE and THE LONDON CIGARETTE COMPANY websites:

Klinger met John Devaney of Card Scene when he was filming The Football Walk of Fame with its founder David Courtney at the National Football Museum in Manchester, England.


The amazing art of cards created by Philip Neil captures the feel of the films created by Tony and his father Michael Klinger.