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Things are awfully slow on the US Air Force base in the hot, sultry South of Europe, long forgotten guardians of the continent. It’s too slow for Havana, a girl on the cusp of being a woman.


Her friends Tony and James who find themselves hanging around each other, out for Kicks: anything to beat back the boredom for an hour, even a minute. Havana is the daughter of Colonel Bill, the Big Man who runs the base, and his bitter, browbeaten wife, Liz.


Havana is aware that she’s a girl who has an effortless sensual beauty and sexual attraction for almost every man she encounters and she relishes the visceral power this give her.


Together with Tony, Bill’s military chauffeur, Havana leads James, a well intentioned but naive political activist, they begin to engineer small, wild happenings, designed to shock society and anonymously aggravate her father, from who she’s alienated big time.


All three of the young people get their “kicks” out of the melodramatic reaction of the local towns people and Havana is thrilled that her father is near to having a stroke, and with the increasing power she has over the boys.


The boys are fascinated by Havana; they can't leave her, and so they find themselves going along with her scheme to shake up the place with ever -increasing gags that soon spiral out of control.


They join her seeming recklessness as it escalates into apparent insanity. The group swing a wrecking ball onto the local police station, knocking it to rubble. A policeman is caught on the john as the building collapses around him, but he come through, and it’s all in fun, right?

Will Bill wake up to reality in time to save his daughter from her actions?


Who gets the final “Kicks?”

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